Is there a cat on the plane ?

Hello and welcome to my territory of the internetz ! On the left is the kitchen, and on your right the bedding (always useful, eh ?). The nomnomming and catnip are in the cupboard.

If you are here, I guess it's because you want to learn stuff about myself, so here we go ! I am a nice geeky cat (and proud of it, but only scored 31.18% at the geek test), I love and I am involved in free software (free as in free beer and freedom) and I am one of the admins of the french wikipedia. Sometimes, I make edits on OpenStreetMap too. I was born at 746195400 (told ya, I'm a geek) and I live approximately here : 48.81439 ; 7.78975. Oh, told you ? I'm french (and I have a thick french accent, nothing to be proud of it however…) !

I forgot : this website may contain some datalove, and I think you already know I hate dogs (but you already knew it, mh ?)

Member of the APRIL (french association for the defense and promotion of free software) : membership number 8138. HTML and CSS (almost) 100% W3C valid, this website can be entirely reusable, biodegradable and kittens friendly.
For statistical reasons, this website use piwik, but if you are paranoid you can opt-out here (HTTPS).